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Lifeline Urgent Care Services

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Urgent Care Services

If a common illness or injury has left you searching for timely medical care, then there’s no need to rearrange your schedule to squeeze in an appointment at a primary care center. That’s because Lifeline Urgent Care offers affordable, same-day medical treatment to both adults and children in the Houston, Texas, area.


Urgent Care Procedures

Lifeline Urgent Care is far from the average “doc-in-a-box.” Our sleek and modern center in Houston, Texas, is led by physicians who are board certified in family medicine, infectious disease, and internal medicine. Working together, our physicians perform routine medical procedures and provide first-rate emergency care for minor, everyday illnesses and injuries.


In House Testing

linical lab testing can play an important role in determining the cause of a patient’s symptoms and prescribing appropriate treatment. At Lifeline Urgent Care, our modern and sleek immediate care center in Houston, Texas, is equipped with a clinical lab to promptly provide a full range of routine lab test services onsite.

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