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We’re not your average “doc-in-a-box”.

In House Tests

Lifeline Urgent Care is far from the average “doc-in-a-box.” Our sleek and modern center in Houston, Texas, is led by physicians who are board certified in family medicine, infectious disease, and internal medicine.


Rapid Strep

Strep throat is among the most common illnesses that kids and teenagers face. It’s also possible for adults to contract this infection, which is caused by highly contagious streptococcal bacteria.


Influenza A/B

So, you have the sniffles, feel sore and tired, and can’t shake a nagging cough. You may have the flu, or it could be the common cold or a sinus infection.


Mono Test

If you have lingering fatigue that just won’t seem to go away, mononucleosis (or mono for short) may be to blame.


Blood Glucose Level

To speak with a board-certified physician about blood glucose testing or any of our other blood tests and onsite diagnostic services, contact Lifeline Urgent Care or simply stop by when it’s convenient for your busy schedule.



Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, Texas, is equipped with a clinical lab, allowing our experienced practitioners to swiftly provide many diagnostic services onsite.



If you believe you may be pregnant, you need answers – fast. Home pregnancy tests can evaluate urine work quickly, but taking them too early or incorrectly can cause an inaccurate result



A physician may recommend a routine urine test, also known as urinalysis, to diagnose a medical condition, gauge overall health, or monitor an ongoing condition.


STD Testing

f you believe you have symptoms of an STD (sexually transmitted disease), you can find the prompt and discreet STD testing services you need at Lifeline Urgent Care.


Drug Screening

Many Texas employers require their employees to execute drug screening so that the workplace remains healthy, safe, and productive.


PPD TB Screening

Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, Texas, is transforming tuberculosis (TB) prevention with its efficient and
accessible Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) TB screening tests.

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For more information regarding COVID-19 testing or treatment at Lifeline Urgent Care, please call 281-771-1144 or stop by our location at 13410 Briar Forest, Suite 190, in Houston. Our professionals are here to answer any questions you may have and keep you informed on our latest COVID-19 protocols.

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